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Bundi has one of the most magnificent histories that a region can have, and many wars and battles were fought here for over 600 years between Rajput clans, the Marathas and the British. Eventually it was Bundi which became the loser, not in terms of military losses but those of statesmanship. In 1264 it was deprived of the region which became Kota when Shah Jahan bestowed the area on the 14 year old Madho Singh (see Kota History). Then again in 1838 Bundi was forced to part with its land in the east when Zalim Singh, with a little help from the British, hewed another state out of Bundi ? that of Jhalawar (see Jhalawar History) Bundi was a strategically important place since it was surrounded by the Aravalli hills on three sides and could be entered through four huge gateways set in a massive wall that surrounds the town. Taragarh fort is one of the places to see here, and like almost every Rajasthani town, Bundi also (believe it or not) has a lake. Rajput heritage continues in Bundi, famous even today for paintings depicting royal hunts, murals on the walls of the palace and its lacquer work on toys and ornaments. In fact, the Chitrashala or Hall of Paintings has one of the best examples seen in Rajasthan.


Rani Ji Ki Baori Rani Ji Ki Baori
Badal Mahal Badal Mahal
Sukh Mahal Sukh Mahal
Braj Bhushan Ki Haveli Braj Bhushan Ki Haveli


Hotel Haveli Braj Bhushan Jee, Bundi Hotel Haveli Braj Bhushanjee
Hotel Ishwari Niwas, Bundi Hotel Ishwari Niwas
Kasera Paradise, Bundi Kasera Paradise

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