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Cities of Rajasthan

Hawamahal, Jaipur


Jaipur is truly a royal city with unmatched, beautiful architecture, majestic historic past and amazing history. Jaipur is a vivid and the first organized town of India. It is one of the most unique tourists' locations, and has been thronged by numerous visitors from across the planet. Jaipur is not only an historical well designed town but provides great traditional historical monuments...
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Jag Mandir Palace, Kota


Kota situated on the eastern bank of the Chambal River in the state of Rajasthan. Kota is located on a high sloping tableland forming a part of the Malwa Plateau. The Mokandarra hills run from southeast to northwest of the town. Once the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi. It was in 1624 that Mughal emperor Jehangir partitioned Bundi and made Kota an independent state...
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Jag Mandir, Udaipur


Udaipur beautiful city founded by Maharana Udai singh II attracts large number of tourists every year. Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes is an adobe of beauty and quality of nature. Udaipur placid lakes and historic forts also crowned it the 'City of Historicity'. The beautiful palaces of the city depict the lavish lifestyle of the ancient rulers...
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Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh


This city, located in South-East of Rajasthan, is a repository of monumental historic events, rich heritage and evergreen folklores. Bappa Rawal of the eighth century, is credited with the discovery of chittorgarh. Let's travel back in time and retrace the history of the Rajputs who ruled Rajasthan. The Rajput rulers built huge forts, magnificent palaces, temples, and towers to celebrate their victory...
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Junagarh Fort, Bikaner


Bikaner was founded in the 15th century and earlier this region was known as Jangladesh which was a region of northern Rajasthan state in India. The city Bikaner narrates tales of hardship and bravery of the founder, Rao Bikaji, a descendant of Rao Jodhaji. The city of Bikaner was founded in 1488 from Jangaldesh or the country of wild bushes and has acquired expertise viz, camel breeding...
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Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer, Jaipur


Jaisalmer is situated in the western most part of the state of Rajasthan, the heart of the great Thar Desert. Its neighboring Pakistan on its western side. The city Jaisalmer was founded by Bhatti Rajput Rawal Jaisal in 1156. The city used to be a major trade center as it was the trade center as it was the trade route of the western countries to India...
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Brahma Temple, Pushkar


Pushkar is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites and it is said that a dip in the sacred lake of Pushkar is akin to the visits to the four main Hindu shrines known as 'Chaar Dhaam'. The charming lake of Pushkar is surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth and presents an ideal site for the religious and cattle fair, which is held every year in the month of October or November...
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Taragarh Fort, Ajmer


Ajmer, formerly written Ajmere, is a district in Indian state of Rajasthan. The folklore dotted Ajmer, dating back to the seventh century, the discovery of the intrepid Prithviraj Chauhan, boasts of huge footfalls throughout the year. Surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. Ajmer, also known as Ajaymeru. Pay your homage at the shrine of the venerated Khwaja Mu'in-ud-din Chisti...
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Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur


JODHPUR, once capital of the former princely state of Marwar, is now the second largest city of Rajasthan. Founded in 1459 A.D. by the Rao Jodha, Jodhpur gradually grew around the towering Mehrangarh Fort build as stronghold on the advice of a sage. Flanked on its western side by the Meharangarh Fort, and on the eastern side by the stately sandstone Palace of Umaid Bhawan...
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Jain Temple, Ranakpur


Ranakpur is blessed with a very pleasant climate. It is a tropical type of climate facilitating the tourists to visit throughout the years. Ranakpur is one of the most important five Pilgrimage places of Rajasthan. It is the pilgrimage hub of Jainism. It is known for peaceful nature of the followers of Jainism. Ranakpur is in the Aravali ranges of Himalaya. It is considered as the most beautiful temple complexes of Rajasthan...
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Taragarh Fort, Bundi


Bundi has one of the most magnificent histories that a region can have, and many wars and battles were fought here for over 600 years between Rajput clans, the Marathas and the British. Eventually it was Bundi which became the loser, not in terms of military losses but those of statesmanship. In 1264 it was deprived of the region which became Kota when Shah Jahan bestowed the area on the 14 year old Madho Singh...
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Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh


Kumbhalgarh city is located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan and is popularly known for the Kumbhalgarh Fort. Kumbhalgarh also known as Kumbhalmer or Kumbalgarh is a Mewar castle situated 84 km from Udaipur in Rajasthan. Because of its huge development, this fort is the second most considerable fort of Rajasthan after Chittorgarh, which was designed during the leadership of Maharana Kumbha...
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